MY17 Rocket III Famille

Extraordinary. Unique. Ultimate. Legendary. Everything you’ve heard about the Triumph Rocket III is true. With sheer force of presence, the Rocket III uses the world’s largest production motorcycle engine to deliver a simply stunning riding experience unmatched on two wheels. The Triumph Rocket III: believe in the unbelievable.


Power and Performance

The capacity of the Rocket III Roadster is huge, 2,294cc, and with a gut churning 221Nm at just 2,750rpm it has more torque at idle than most superbikes at full chat. The latest engine is unrestricted thereby delivering its full strength in the first three gears giving it almighty punch.

Shaft Drive

With a shaft drive that needs no maintenance outside the scheduled service intervals, you have a roadster that’s so reliable, durable and engaging that you could even go touring on it.


The three big cylinders are arranged length-ways along the bike. To tame the reaction of the massive torque, the crankshaft counter-rotates so the bike stays steady when the throttle’s blipped.



This is a premium flagship motorcycle so we equipped it accordingly. All the instruments are all there for you, fuel gauge, gear indicator, dual trip and clock in addition to the basic functions. Then there’s the signature massive twin headlights making a powerful style statement and lighting up the road ahead at night for safer riding. The advanced ABS brakes on the Rocket III Roadster are fitted as standard. This is a massive bike that comes with huge amounts of control.



The rear wheel width on the Rocket III is an awesome 240-section/240mm.


A bike like this needs a pair of vice-like, four-piston calipers. The calipers grip the 320mm discs and are backed up by our advanced ABS system and a huge 316mm disc at the rear.


We developed the big, tubular steel twin spine design to be strong and rigid enough to contain this powerhouse of a motor and we focused on giving you an great level of agility too.


The Rocket III gives you low speed balance and beautifully neutral steering so when you’re faced with a twisty road you can be filled with confidence.


We gave the front end sportsbike-style upside down forks 43mm in diametet, so they’re strong enough to cope with all the forces a bike like this can deal out.


Rocket III Roadster Style

Few sights match the Rocket III Roadster’s visual impact. Instantly recognisable and guaranteed to draw a crowd wherever it’s parked, the Rocket III Roadster is the ultimate cruiser bike with a massive engine and triple chrome headers set against a blacked-out silhouette. Characteristic twin headlamps and chrome detailing add the finishing touches to its laid-back, brutal charm.

Rocket III Touring Style

Delivering the ultimate in high-performance heritage cruising, nothing says you’re ready to cross continents better than a fully-loaded Rocket III Touring. Featuring body coloured top-loading hard panniers with key-lines, full windshield, swept-back bars, a tank-mounted chrome instrument nacelle, teardrop footboards and a host of chrome highlights, the Rocket III Touring comes ready to roll anytime, anywhere.


Engine Dresser Bars

Oversize 11/4 Front Engine Dresser Bars to match the large Rocket III engine will be certain to turn some heads. Finished in high gloss chrome, these bars will go perfectly with the Logo Highway Pegs for that ultimate cruiser riding position.

Fog Lamp Kit

Built for functionality and style, the Fog Lamp Kit lights up the road when visibility is poor whilst maintaining the in-your-face attitude of this powerhouse.

Roadster Screen

Scratch resistant and provides optimal viewing thanks to its Quantum coated Lexan Polycarbonate properties, the Roadster Screen provides you with excellent wind protection.

MY17 Rocket III Famille Motos

Rocket III Roadster

17 500,00 $

Rocket III Roadster

Avec le plus grand moteur de production du monde de la moto de la dernière Rocket III Roadster s'appuie sur les performances énormes de l'original Rocket III, mais maintenant avec encore plus de couple. Le 2.3 litres, le moteur de trois-cylindres est conçu pour être un frisson de bras-déchirant pour monter, pourtant facile et unintimidating trop, en dépit de son rugissement tonnant. Son châssis de manipulation douce, cadre rigide et suspension sophistiquée vous donne la confiance pour balayer les coins et changer de direction avec une agilité qui dément cette taille Roadsters. Le dernier Rocket III comporte des composants noircis comprenant les capots de radiateur, les garde-boue arrière, la housse d'airbox, les protecteurs de fourche et les miroirs donnant à notre Roadster un aspect encore plus menaçant. Il n'y a rien d'autre comme ça là-bas, de ne pas regarder, ni rouler.

Rocket III Touring

19 700,00 $

Rocket III Touring

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