MY17 Street Triple

Le Triumph Street Triple, un personnage à la fois trépidant et truffé de personnages à trois cylindres, fait du plaisir et de l'aventure à chaque promenade, que ce soit dans les rues étroites de la ville ou dans les grandes routes ouvertes. C'est pourquoi une rue Triple signifie que vous n'avez jamais besoin d'une excuse pour aller faire un tour.

Take it to the streets

Prenez-le dans les rues

Le plaisir, la simplicité et la convivialité sont les principes fondamentaux de Triumph Street Triple. De la performance puissante du moteur à trois cylindres en ligne 675cc, primé et largement acclamé, à la sublime agilité d'un châssis sportif Daytona léger, le Street Triple est construit à partir du sol avec une passion basée sur le plaisir pure de la circonscription.

For a more dynamic and sporting ride, the Street Triple R and RX adds high performance fully adjustable KYB suspension, radial Nissin brakes, styling enhancements and an extra level of agility and steering response.


Power and Performance

The Street Triple’s soulful, potent in-line three cylinder motor delivers thumping midrange torque of 68Nm and a howling 106PS peak power, for hard-charging acceleration all the way up to the screaming 12,500rpm redline, so you can get your kicks anytime, anywhere.


It may be small and powerful, but it’s perfectly formed. The 675cc inline triple, already naturally balanced for smooth power, runs an additional balancer for vibration-free riding. Advanced fuel injection and engine management gives precise throttle control and supreme ease-of-use.


Located beneath the engine, the under-slung exhaust focuses weight close to the centre of gravity and adds to the Street Triple’s agility. The three-cylinder engine also generates evenly spaced exhaust pulses that harmonise combustion for maximum efficiency.


The Street Triple tunes you into every ride. Its steering geometry, handling balance and suspension ensures effortless agility, road-holding and ease-of-use, with thrills for every type of rider. For the ultimate in performance, the Street Triple R has uprated suspension, brakes and geometry to enhance sporty road and track riding.

Brakes, Wheels, Tyres

Brakes aren’t just about outright power; control is vital too. The Triumph Street Triple’s four-piston Nissin calipers grip 310mm discs on lightweight, cast aluminium italic wheels, and are engineered to work in harmony with suspension and the overall motorcycle chassis balance. The sportier Street Triple R and RX use radially mounted four-piston Nissin callipers to integrate with enhanced suspension and chassis geometry.


With heritage from the Triumph Daytona 675 sports bike and echoing the ground-breaking 1995 T595 Daytona superbike, the Street Triple’s twin spar aluminium frame uses cutting-edge design to route incoming air through the headstock for maximum efficiency, as well as providing the perfect blend of rigidity and feel. The Street Triple R and RX feature a steeper head angle for extra steering response on sporty track and road riding. The Street Triple, Street Triple R and Street Triple RX feature an aluminium subframe, colour coded red on the Street Triple R and RX.


Key to the Triumph Street Triple’s outstanding ride is its suspension. High quality upside down KYB 41mm forks and KYB rear shock are factory pre-set to optimum road settings for peace of mind. The Street Triple R and RX come with a full suite of adjustable preload, compression and rebound damping from upside down KYB 41mm forks and KYB rear shock, colour-coded to match the motorcycle’s styling enhancements.



The Street Triple’s potent Nissin braking set-up is supported by Triumph’s sophisticated anti-lock brake system. The ABS modulator makes over 100 calculations per second working behind the scenes, and is unnoticeable in normal riding – but it’s there when you need it.


In common with all Triumphs, the Street Triple is protected at standstill by a coded key immobiliser system that disables the ignition if it detects an attempt to turn or force the ignition switch without the presence of the electronically coded correct key.


The Street Triple’s clocks are a classy mix of analogue tachometer with a fully-featured LCD multi-functional trip computer including digital speedo, fuel gauge, twin trip mileage, lap timer, programmable gear change lights, service interval announcement display and switchable ABS.



The Street Triple wears its stripped-back, fun-loving heart on its sleeve, from instantly recognisable twin headlights, across slash-style radiator cowls highlighting the three-cylinder engine, to its slender seat unit. The Street Triple R shows its sportier side with red radiator cowls, subframe and pin-striped wheels, showcasing Triumph’s obsession for quality and attention to detail.

Top Accessories


To smooth your progress even more, a race-inspired quick-shifter gives seamless full and part-throttle up-shift gear changes without having to use the clutch. Simple installation means no modifications to the Street Triple are required; it fits straight on to the motorcycle.

Belly Pan

Built from high impact ABS plastic and to the same level of fit and finish as standard, the factory colour-matched accessory belly pan brings a sporting touch to the Triumph Street Triple’s uncompromising street bike image.

LED Indicators

Slim-line, gloss black LED indicators, featuring a row of bright LEDs set in a cast aluminium body with rubberised mounting and Triumph logo, are a stylish and effective replacement for the standard items.

CNC Machined Levers

Replace your Triumph Street Triple’s standard fit clutch and brake levers with CNC-machined dog-leg levers, made from aerospace grade aluminium and coated with a super-tough black anodised finish. Both levers feature six-position span adjustment, laser-etched Triumph logos and are contoured to save weight.

Brake Reservoir

The CNC-machined replacement motorcycle brake reservoir replaces the standard plastic reservoir and features detailing to lid and body, laser etched Triumph logos, an integral sight glass and a tough, anodised black finish.

MY17 Street Triple Motos

Street Triple

10 000,00 $

Street Triple
Cette moto symbolise vraiment l'esprit de Triumph. Agile, amusant, punchy, débordant de caractère, pour rien et grand à regarder. Son moteur à trois cylindres de 675 cc se gonfle, grogne et gémit au fur et à mesure que vous l'enroulez à travers les engrenages et, grâce à un tout nouveau châssis, la maniabilité est maintenant encore plus nette et plus intuitive que jamais. Et c'est dire quelque chose. 

La carrosserie est également nouvelle. Les couleurs apparaissent comme des bords tranchants sur la longueur de la moto de la section de la queue mince à la tanque maigre-regard, la couverture côté radiateur étroit et le garde-boue avant. Neatly fini par la nouvelle conception frappante de roue. Vous vous retrouverez en utilisant le Street Triple pour n'importe quoi, des jours de piste à la suppression du trafic. 

Nous avons créé une machine qui peut transformer la navette régulière la plus terne en voyage d'agrément.

Street Triple R

11 600,00 $

Street Triple R

We have created the ultimate in finely honed, thrilling supersport performance packaged in a stunning streetfighter style, with our Street Triple R.

To start with, there was no better bike than our Street Triple to base it on. It already had the advantage with a class leading engine and awesome, focussed looks.

For the Street Triple R we've added high-end adjustable suspension and radially-mounted four-piston brakes, sharpened the geometry and given it a few visual tweaks that tell you this bike is different.

Nothing else comes close to the Street Triple R.

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